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CHN FA Cup league team: Shandong Taishan Shanghai Shenhua Qingdao Hainiu Football Club Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Wuhan Three Towns Football Club Beijing Guoan Football Club Zhejiang Professional Football Club Nantong Haimen Codion Changchun Yatai Football Club Henan Football Club Shanghai Port FC Shenzhen Football Club Nantong Zhiyun Football Club Chengdu Better City FC Cangzhou Mighty Lions Football Club Meizhou Hakka Football Club

description:The Chinese Football Association Cup (Chinese Football Association Cup), referred to as the "Chinese Football Association Cup", is the highest level of knockout football cup held by the Chinese Football Association. The Chinese Football Association Cup was formerly known as the National Football Championship held in 1956. After the professionalization of the league, the new Football Association Cup started in 1995, was suspended from 2007 to 2010, resumed in 2011, and began to allow Chinese League Two teams and amateur teams to participate in 2012, truly realizing the participation of all people, all people football.

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